Welcome to The Shift Guru: Shifting Your Life

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru

Welcome to the Shift Guru Blog site. On this site we will be discovering how to make the shifts in your life to create the life you consciously desire. And, we say consciously desire because the beliefs in your life are currently creating the life you unconsciously desire….the life you have programmed yourself for and into.

And, yes, the only individual you have to look to for your beliefs is yourself and the only individual who can shift your beliefs is you. Although it sounds difficult, it really is the reality of life on the earth plane. We all came here to experience a free will Universe.

This experience, no matter how awesome, carries some responsibilities for each of us. One of the major responsibilities is the responsibility for our own life as it is created through our own beliefs. As we progress in this blog, we will be jointly discovering why we hold some of the beliefs we hold, how to identify the beliefs we desire to shift, how our lives might change with the desired shift, and the some of the ways we can, in fact, create those shifts in our lives.

The good news is that this is possible – the less than good news is that it most frequently cannot be done in a five (5) minute session….it is not really possible to “Shift My Life in Five Minutes”. So, despite what you may have read on other web sites – despite what we would all desire – this is a process that takes a bit of focus and can create incredible results. As this blog progresses, we welcome any and all comments and will post those most relevant to the discussion thread at the time.

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