The Shift Guru: A Bit About Belief

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru

I have spent time during the last several years opening myself to the Angelic Realm and to all of the information they provide.  Although I do not consider myself a psychic, I do believe I am a practiced intuitive.

I use the term ‘practiced intuitive’ as I believe each and every individual has the capability of being intuitive – of connecting with their own spiritual guidance.  My awareness is that this has not been safe for centuries and that there is nothing in our society which supports the development of our intuitive knowing.

In fact, our focus on science and math has taken us even further from having our intuitive knowing be of any value.  Einstein, with his Theory of Relativity and his perceptions of time may have opened the door for science to being to explore and better understand what they typically call ‘the unknown’.  Quantum Physics has assisted us further and we are now, in my belief system, on the verge of acknowledging our own intuitive knowing of more than simply what is occurring in the moment in the life we are living.

With these beliefs firmly in place, it makes the possibility (perhaps even the probability) of each and every one of us being intuitive even more likely.  We only have to open to this intuitive – use this intuitive muscle much like we would develop any other muscle in our physical structure.

And how, you might ask, does one develop their intuition, their intuitive knowing?  There are several steps to developing this knowing which we will address in later posts.  At this time, I am wondering how many of you are willing to acknowledge that you just might be intuitive; that you have had glimpses of your intuitive knowing; and are willing to perhaps consider practicing your intuition to become more aligned with the greater possibilities in your life?

And the reason I ask is;  the more open you are to know instinctual knowing, the easier it is to begin to understanding the beliefs you hold that are creating a life different than you desire to live.  This is one of the first steps in both shifting beliefs and in living a richer, fuller life.

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