The Relationship of Soul and Ego

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru

Depending upon our beliefs, we may see Soul as positive and Ego as less positive. In fact, the vast majority of literature these days that deals with the Ego and the Soul would say that the Ego is way out of control.  And this literature would be correct.  It would be current in the way that handing the keys to a car to  three year old creates a three year old who is out of control.

What humanity has done – what we have done – is put Ego in the drivers sea of not only its responsibility in our lives.  We have also given it full rein for the responsibility of the Soul.  In this way, we have positioned Ego as both our creator and our implementer.  When, in fact, the Soul and Ego are intended to work in concert, each with their own responsibilities; each with their own tasks; each with their own areas of expertise.  When we align our Ego and our Soul, we can create a ‘big band sound’.  When we only align to our Ego, we create a rather tinny sound; and when we align to our Soul only, we create a faint high pitched sound that no human ear can hear.

It is only when we align the both the Ego and the Soul – the Soul and the Ego that we are able to create rich and full lives with a ‘big band sound’.

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