The Relationship of Soul and Ego

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru

When we bring these two wonderful aspects of our self into alignment, we are able to create lives that are rich and full; lives that allow us our own evolution; lives that feel safe and yet explorative.  It is in this balancing of the two aspects of ourselves that we are able to maximize our daily, yearly and lifetime living.

And yet, it is this abundant living that we shy away from the most.  And this is due, in large part, whether conscious or unconscious, to the fact that abundance involves abundance in all things – both the joy and the learning.  And we, as humanity, only want ‘the easy’.  We only want that which comes without risk; without pain; with guarantees; and often, without growth.  And this takes us back to the original challenge.  This takes us back to why humanity (we) have often left the Ego in charge.  With the Ego in charge, we know what to expect (for the most part); we know what each day will look like from morning to night. And, if safety is the main concern, this is not a bad plan.

And yet, we often complain about wanting more in life – wanting more abundance, more love, more happiness, more ease.  And the only consistent manner in which to obtain these aspects of life is to align the Ego with the Soul and to know that each of these aspects bring with it a lesson in self, in relationship, in life as a human experience.

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