The Soul and Ego in Alignment

And you may ask, what does life look like when the Soul and Ego; Ego and Soul are in alignment and in optimum relationship?  Ego and Soul, when in optimum relationship, operate in the manner a well oiled assembly line operates with one exception – the exception is that the Ego never really knows what the Soul is sending ‘down the line’.
And it is this  not knowing that has had so many of us deciding to keep the Ego in charge – despite the ramifications of such a decision.  When the Ego is in charge, we have some idea of knowing (or at least perceive we have some idea of knowing) what is ‘coming down the line’ because it is the same thing we have seen or heard or lived before. 
That is the value of keeping the Ego in control; of not bringing the Soul into the process; and particularly of not allowing the Soul to do its job. When the Soul is doing its job, it is bringing a world of possibilities into our lives.  And that world of possibilities can be a bit disconcerting, particularly for those of us who have lived many lifetimes of not connecting with our Soul selves.


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