The Soul and Ego Out of Alignment

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru

And when the Soul and Ego are out of alignment, the life is lived in the normal format of the culture. Currently, the vast majority of souls living an earth experience live the experience when the Soul and the Ego are out of alignment. For the most of those souls, life appears to be dull and predictable in a fashion only limitation and lack can create. Dull and predictable in that limitation and lack are predictable – are the givens in a lifetime and in a life. For, without the Soul to create new and different and magical, the Ego must attach to the Soul. This limitation and lack can be both of the physical and of not the non-physical and, due to the lack of the physical, most individual who live only from the perspective of the Ego do not even realize they are not connected to the non-physical, the Divine.

The other position is one where the individual soul is living a life from the soul perspective. And, as beautiful and delightful as that may be, without the Ego to create, the individual is left in a place of lack from the perspective of the physical. And, as others who are not connected to the Divine (living from a position of Ego) see this lack, they disengage even more fully from the possibility of connecting with their Soul – for fear they will become like those only connected with their Soul.

The goal, if any individual chooses, is to find and live the balance between Soul and Ego – and to have the Ego willing and ready to accept what the Soul brings forth from the Field of All Possibilities. And in that acceptance, to agree to all that the Soul has brought forth. Scary, isn’t it.



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