Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru

Beliefs are what run our lives.  They are  insidious and unknown for the most part.  We believe we know our beliefs when, in fact, we most likely are aware of only those on the surface.  Not the real beliefs running the show.  Whenever we think we know, we are only kidding ourselves.  Our Ego is trying to act like it is keeping us safe by telling us we know what our beliefs are.
And yet, we continually act and feel differently than what we tell ourselves we ‘should’ act and feel.  And, when we do this, we decide there is something wrong with us and there is something lacking in our lives.  And then, the most of us, look to our neighbors, people different from us, the economy or the government to fix what is really not broken.  It is simply mixed-up.  We are mixed-up…our beliefs are mixed-up…and it is much easier to blame someone else for what is happening and play the ‘oh so poorly treated victim’ than it is to begin to understand what our beliefs really are.

Isn’t it interesting that we think we are consciously in control or we think someone or something else is in control….when really it is our beliefs that are running our lives; when it is really those decisions we made (whether in this lifetime at an early age or another lifetime and we are carrying them over) about what we were going to consider truth in our lives.
How can this be?  How can we so easily and successfully and completely deceive ourselves?  What is it that we are not willing to consider or to allow to be a possibility?



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