The Role of Victim

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru

All of us, at one point or another, assume the role of victim in a situation.  We take on the mantle of ‘he/she who has been done wrong’ and live in the mantle for a few days, weeks years or decades.  Listen to someone who wears that mantle well and, if you are willing to listen past the first story or two, you will soon discover they are rehashing things that happened ‘to them’ years ago.
As we all play this role from time to time, let’s dissect the role to see what is so darn popular about it.  First, it is a role that is approved of in our society.  What that means to us is that we are given full rein to move into that role whenever and where ever we deem appropriate. 
Think about the individual who has been done wrong by their kitchen oven…oh, yeah, the oven intended to do them wrong.
Or the person who was deliberately cut off in traffic by that nasty person in the other car trying to get their before them…who thinks they are better…and who should be stopped by the police for being rude.  (I wonder, has that victim ever inadvertently cut someone else off?   I wonder if they remember those moments when they may well have made someone else a victim.  Not likely, generally it is only they who are the victim.)
Or the individual who has run up charge cards and wonders why the charge companies are asking them to repay after they lost their job.  After all, it’s not their fault that they lost their job.  (And for some, it may not be.  For others, you may want to look closely at why the job was lost – perhaps too much sick time?  Oh, I forgot, they were victims of their illness as well).
The long and short of it is that our current society applauds and supports the victim.  And that in this support of the victim, our society (yes that would be the society we all support) creates a society of victims. 
It is a vicious circle.  A victim or victims appear.  Society supports them (perhaps for good reason) and then more appear, more support with the final outcome being a society of victims. 
And I am not going to deal with the fact that sometimes life is hard, for sometimes it may appear to be hard, particularly during this time in our history.  However, I will put forth that being a victim during this ‘hard time’ is the least likely time to benefit from the victim position.
Next week we will talk about the benefit of being a victim.

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