Being A Victim

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru

In our society, the victim plays many roles.  Some of those roles have a level of enjoyment while others leave one wondering why any individual would choose to be a victim.

And yes, I did say choose.  It is my perception that if we believe we are going to be victims, that someone is going to harm us in any way (and you who are reading this know who you are), then we have a much greater chance of being harmed.  If our talk is about staying safe and not letting anyone in and keeping away from those places where ‘those things” happen, we have a much greater chance of finding ourselves in a place where those type of things do happen and will happen to us!

I am not recommending in any way that we go through life being clueless about the situation around us.  Being aware of where we are and taking stock of our surroundings is valuable.  Being in continual fear that something might happen, however, is more likely to create the environment in which it does happen.

And, as you may have noticed in the world, there are people who are simply victims and those who do not play the role well.  Those who do are often (and always) talking about staying safe, about what might happen, and about why they don’t ‘live’ because it could happen.  And then, low and behold, it seems to happen to them.

And there are those individuals who go through life, aware of their environment, keeping in touch with the energies around them without being totally focused on what might happen badly.  And somehow, bad things seldom seem to happen to them.  And you know these people.

So, let’s start with the possibility that we each create our lives and that by thinking in fear and victim mentality, we may just be creating our role (or non-role) of victim.  Those who are choosing to be a victim (at the unconscious level) receive benefits as well as challenges.

We will go further into the benefits of being a victim next week. Visit us at


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