Being A Victim – The Benefits

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

In our society, the benefits of being a victim are immense. The current society supports a victim without much question as to how it all came to be and the rightness of it. And for this reason, we have all become very adapt victims. Whether of the neighbor next door who “just does not understand all that I have going, so how can I take the time to mow my lawn”; to the police departments whom we tell everyone “Can you imagine, they stopped me for speeding, why not the guy that just passed me going much faster and being dangerous. I am a law abiding citizen!”; to the hospitals and medical profession who “just don’t care about anyone – they just don’t take the time they should” and at the same time we bemoan the cost.

And the victim mentality takes us into such petty, name calling modes that we can even see individuals booing at sports events because their teams are just not playing like they should be. I wonder if any of the fans (who all believe they deserve a winning team) truly think that the players (whose job depends upon their playing at the level the game demands) really want to loose their job? Do the fans even think about that? My expectation is that they do not…they simply want what they want and if they don’t get it they act out like booing.

So you can see, the benefits of being a victim are immense in our society. We support the victim, whether it is the fan who has been done wrong; the speeder who was not speeding the most; or the individual who did not get enough time with their doctor and then complains that they spent too much. It is all about Not Getting What We Want! And as victims, we deserve to get what we want. And society, at many levels supports the fact that we ‘should’!

Next week we will go into the role of the Victim/Persecutor.


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