The Role of Victim/Persecutor

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

The role of the victim/persecutor is a most interesting role and one that is played out nearly every day in every city or space in the United States in particular and most likely the world at large as it can produce such good feelings to overlay the less than good feelings of being a victim. The role of the Victim/Persecutor goes like this. They made me a victim and aren’t they mean! They made me do this so they are bad! They are the cause of all of my problems and they should be stopped! And on it goes.

The one truly consistent element of the Victim/Persecutor role is the ‘they’ elements, whoever they are. And our children learn it really early. For a child, it sounds like ‘they made me do it!’. And already, the child is learning that they, (the child in this case) are powerless and defenseless because they (the child) are a victim of an unknown source…..they! In reality, the Victim/Persecutor role feels like it takes away all responsibility for our lives. What it does instead, is it promotes us giving up all responsibility for our lives. And thus we have a society based on attorneys and doctors and other specialty fields who are responsible for us all – rather than us being responsible for ourselves.

The Victim/Persecutor role allows us to not be responsible and allows others to control and run our lives. Is that the trade you want to have in your life? Do you want to be a victim and point to someone else who made something happen in your life as you give away full power to the individual? I am thinking that life has a bit more to offer that I intend to manage. And, in my belief system, for me to manage my life I must take accountability for my life. And to take full accountability for my life I am giving up being the Victim/Persecutor.

And as grand a statement as that is, I do sometimes miss the position!!!!

Next week we will discuss how to make these shifts.

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