Step Four in Shifting A Belief

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

So, you have now identified what you want to shift; have made a mental or physical notation of all of the reasons you would like to make this shift, all of the positive implications of such a shift; and have also made a note (whether in the physical or mental or both) of all of the possible less positive (you might call them negative) ramifications of making such a change.
Now, it is time to weigh the two sides of the ledge, if you will.  Now it is time to determine whether making the change you are considering is in your best interest as you see it.  (Note, we have not yet brought in other individuals and their thinking…this is your opinion only…your life only.)
How would you describe your ‘ledger’?  What is the balance of pros and cons for that which you desire to shift?

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One Response to “Step Four in Shifting A Belief”

  1. Tim Loomis Says:

    Hey Barbe, thank you for step 4!!!! I can’t wait for step 5!!!! I know I can get it from your website and I like to wait so I can work through easch step as I get it… Thank you, Tim

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