Shifting Beliefs – Step Five

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

It is now time to move onto what the Angelic Realm has called our ‘mentalities’ – the thoughts and words that we have around a particular issue or subject….of change.

Our mentalities are the most powerful tools we have to really understand our beliefs.  Our mentalities – particularly our self thoughts – are, in most cases, a very direct reflection of our beliefs and our positions on a belief.  Many of us have been well trained to ‘think positively’.  And this is valuable.  Positive thinking is one way to shift a belief…no doubt about that.  Only, positive thinking is the long way around shifting a belief. 

So, in this step, allow the positive thinking to slide away and become totally and irrevocably honest with yourself in your thinking.  Think the thoughts you really want to think about the shift you are considering.  Think the thoughts that lie below the ‘sugar coating’ of positive thinking for they more directly reflect your beliefs. 

These are the thoughts that will lead you to your beliefs and what is in your way, shall we say, of making the change you have determined to make.

And remember, there is nothing wrong with positive thinking; in fact, we will address that topic in our next blog.  It is simply that this is not the time or place to employ what the Angels like to call our ‘sugar coating techniques’.  This is the time and place to move below that particular surface and come face to face with your deepest thinking about the shift you are considering.

So, how easy is it for you to become totally honest with yourself? 

What thoughts surprise you the most as they relate to the shift you are considering?

Now, applaud yourself for discovering some thought you were not aware you were thinking!!!!

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