On the Power of Positive Thinking

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

About Rose Colored Glasses

We have all heard and many of us have practiced positive thinking. And it has been effective in supporting us in seeing the positive aspect in situations and circumstances – at least to a point.
What I have come to understand, as I have worked with the Angelic Realm and the arena of shifting beliefs, is that positive thinking is a way to shift beliefs. And is a way that, in its time, was the most effective way that we had been informed about in mass.

What I have come to understand now is that positive thinking, as powerful as it is, is a slower process to shifting beliefs than is appropriate for this time in our history. Positive thinking will eventually, practiced consistently, create a shift in one’s belief. The challenge is that for the vast majority of us (and I include myself as one of the vast majority), life has a way of shifting from our intention of positive thinking to our real thinking. Life, as beliefs, is rather insidious in its ability to shift our focus to the focus that supports our belief. In that way, life is very circular. Our beliefs create our focus and our focus supports our belief. And, if this is true, how do we ever get out of the circle and shift a belief.

And the answer, or the short cut, is to understand and acknowledge fully the story (or mentalities) we are telling ourselves and from those mentalities to realistically understand the belief that is running that segment of our life.
Rose colored glasses are wonderful; positive thinking is wonderful; being in the world from a consistently happy and positive place is wonderful….if only we could sustain it long enough to convince our beliefs that this is how we really want to live. And life, at least for me and the many I have watched, has a way of ‘reducing the wonderful’.

How are you at wearing rose colored glasses continually?
How are you at positive thinking…continually?

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