Step Five in Shifting a Belief

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

So now, we return to Step 5 in Shifting a Belief.

In step five, the objective is to listen well to our ‘stories’, our comments, our thoughts about a particular situation, person, conversation, or topic. And from this noticing, you can begin to understand the belief that is running that segment of your life. And, appreciate that beliefs are not necessarily simple. Many are very complex and many are interwoven and many define us in ways we don’t even understand.

So, as you begin to perceive that you understand a belief that is running your life, take it one step further and see if that belief is intertwined with any other beliefs. And one effective way to do that is to think…..if this changes, what else changes? If this is different, what else in my life is different? With this thinking and awareness, return to Step 4 and add some additional positive and concerning shifts that may be an outcome of shifting this one particular belief.

We are not simple – why would we expect we would create belief systems that are simple? Does one area of your life not overlap – to one degree or another – with nearly every other area of your life? And sometimes, even in conflicting patterns. The same is true about beliefs – they overlap; they support; they contradict; and they create confusion for us and for those we interact with…our lives are a direct reflection of our beliefs.

What contradictions might the belief you are considering shifting be creating in your life now?

How do you experience this contradiction and how have you made allowances for it?

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