Intended to Manifest – To Create

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

What if the Angelic Realm were to deliver the message to you today that you are to be the manifestor – the creator – of your life, what would you do?  And what if They were to share this reality in a dream?  Would you believe what you dreamt? Would you analyze, or more likely over analyze what They, the Angelic Realm – your guides and helpers, had provided to you.  Would you discount all of the information They provided? 

And, if you were Them (the Angelic Realm) how often would you repeat the exercise of trying to be heard?  How often to do you repeat trying to make yourself heard and understood today? 

We souls in the physical are awfully dense.  We can blame it on the physical or we can blame it on our body structure and the fact that our brains have to be covered by a hard substance.  And, no matter what we blame it on, the fact is that we are dense as seen from the Angelic Realm.  The Angelic Realm knows that for the vast majority of us they have to repeat and repeat and repeat – many more times than we would every consider doing for ourselves or anyone else – over and over and over again, in many formats and textures and along many routes.

And the bottom line is that we heard and accept very very little of what we are provided by our Angelica Teams.  In fact, we discount the vast majority of it, especially now when we are most in need of making the changes and becoming the creators we are intended to be.

Invite in your dreams.  Invite in dreams of creation and creativity; of abilities far beyond your current imagination.  Invite in the possibilities that are you.

What might these dreams look like? What have you most recently dreamt that you have chosen to disregard?

We look forward to your comments and observations.

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