Manifest First in a Dream

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

So, you finally decided to remember, to bring to consciousness a dream from your guides, the Angelic Realm. You finally decided it was safe to bring to consciousness that dream. Good job!

And, of that dream, what have you brought to consciousness that seems totally implausible? If everything you have brought to consciousness seems plausible, the Angelic Realm can guarantee you that you have not brought the entire dream to consciousness.

When a dream is not fully brought to consciousness it appears to be fragmented, to have little flow, to be incomplete. And it is the segments between the fragments that we have in our consciousness that we need to also bring into consciousness. The segments we have not ‘remembered’ are those that we deem to be too scary to remember, segments that might cause us to redefine ourselves, to view the world differently, or to simply provide us a course of action that we know we will not want to avoid.

And yet avoid and forget we do because it is easier, it is safer, it is in keeping with the norm.

Allow in a dream tonight, whether new or one you have had many times, and intend that you will remember at least one segment that you would otherwise have neatly forgotten….have neatly not had to deal with. Allow it in and see how much more beautiful the dreamscape becomes.

Let me know what happens. When one of us allows in, it allows more and more and more of us to decide that the experience is possible, moving more toward probable and that creates creation. So, share.

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