Belief is the Bridge

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

A friend of mine asked me “what determines our ability to create in the physical?”.  And, I can honestly say I did not have the answer.  So, with support from my Angelic Team, I was able to provide some insights to my friend.

Belief is the bridge between non-physical and the physical.  Belief is the doorway between what is possible and what is created.  And, as it has been said more than once, our life reflects our beliefs.   And, with this information, it seemed to me that this statement took the next step into physical reality.

So, in speaking to my friend, I asked her what she sees in her life; what she is creating in her life from her connection with her Guides and Support Team?

As she described her life and the difference between what she believed is possible and what physically occurs, we began to follow the Belief Continuum (from The Light Won), identifying potentially non-supportive beliefs along the way.

What beliefs are no longer supporting you and the life you intend to live?

Next week we will be visited by Yvonne Perry, children’s book author and creator of a wonderful writers blog, Writers in the Sky.  She is introducing a new series of children’s books to support children in looking inward for their knowing.  Please welcome Yvonne to my blog site.

And visit us at: for insights and observations on life and living.

Also, consider embracing the life you desire to live with support from the co-creative book The Light Won, found at


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One Response to “Belief is the Bridge”

  1. Yvonne Perry Says:

    Thanks for the mention of my upcoming visit to your blog. I’m looking forward to sharing my shift with your readers.


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