The Value of Failure

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

And since I am on this topic, the topic of failure, I think it is worthy of a bit more discussion.


I find that for myself and for many of my clients, failure is the touchstone of success. It is in our failing that we are able to visualize what we might want to shift to be able to succeed; it is in our fear of failing, if we are willing to step forward and move into something different, that causes us to shift the most.


So, failure is both a catalyst and a deterrent to change, depending upon how it is viewed and our own penchant for making the change.


Failure as a deterrent is the touchstone for becoming a victim, and you all know how I feel about being a victim. When we are feeling as if we are a victim, consider the possibility that we are telling ourselves, through the life we are creating, that we might want to look at what to change to move out of the victim position.


How often does the victim position follow the opportunity for growth…and we did not take that opportunity, thinking we would be better served sitting in our nice cozy little rut and letting life pass us by.


Where are you in the position of victim and what is your life telling you to shift to become the person you have the awesome opportunity of becoming?


Visit us at and schedule an appointment with Barbara Joye to discover how you might move our of the victim position into the strength position of living a fabulous life.


Also, consider The Light Won as a tutorial in moving out of the victim position and creating the life you desire. You can find it at or













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