Life’s Adventures – An Opportunity to Shift

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

And then I spent a few moments looking at an adventure I had that really caused me to wonder what the heck I had gotten myself into…why had I signed up for this scenario. And, as often is the case in shifting a belief or perception in life, the most emotional or thought-provoking moments are those intended (by ourselves, our higher knowing, our angelic support) to assist us in considering a shift. 

And consider I did. I needed to be several years younger and in much better shape to be taking on the challenges of this particular adventure. And yet, here I was, ready and willing (or so it seemed to those around me, who might well have been thinking the same thing about me and/or themselves as we stood there). And so we began our adventure. I won’t go into any of the details of the adventure itself as that is really not important – what creates a shift for one does not necessarily create a shift for another. What I will say is that this adventure, filled with fear for me, created several dynamic shifts. 

Through this adventure, I began to shift my thinking and, in turn my beliefs, about what was really important to me. I began to shift my thinking about how independent and self-sufficient I was, and I began to reach out and build stronger community. My belief that I was here to support others and would be just fine on my own really shifted as I began to realize that to accomplish all I desired to accomplish (note: the desire to accomplish did not shift), I would need to release/shift several of my beliefs about being staunchly self-sufficient. 

What beliefs have been in your face lately that are truly self defining, that worked for you for many years, and that may well be in need of shifting for you to accomplish that which you desire the most? And, are you willing to create the shift in your self-definition? Are you ready to re-invent yourself even if only in a small way? 

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