There’s a Song in the Air

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

And so we all enter this holiday season with peace and goodwill on our minds and in our hearts. And then the old tapes begin to play and our history begins to support our joy or diminish it. 

One of the aspects of the holiday season that we are often impacted by is the songs that are sung and played. Nearly all of them, if not all, are about joy and peace and family and love and all of the beautiful things of life. While many people, perhaps some of us, are not feeling the joy or the love of this holiday season. We are not living the season as the songs tell us is appropriate and ‘right’. 

And many of us have one or two songs that really trigger the old memories of how it was or could be and that impacts us even more, again, either positively or less than positively. 

So, the question for all of us is how best to re-write the story of our past experiences with the songs of the holidays; how best to create the feelings we desire to have and not allow the old patterns to affect us so much. How might you consider shifting your patterns so you can enjoy the holidays and the peace and goodwill that truly can be found during this time – and all times? What is your opportunity to shift? 

The Shift Guru is focused on assisting individuals in shifting their beliefs about themselves and live so they may enjoy the life they came into this incarnation to enjoy. visit us at http://www.theshiftguru.comto learn more. 

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