Holiday Memories – The Sound of Snow under My Feet

Barbara Joye -  The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

 One of the holiday memories I have is the crunchy sound of snow beneath my feet. I don’t even think about how important this memory is to my connecting to the holidays until I am in a part of the country that does not have snow during the holidays. 

I was amazed at how this simply aspect of the weather seemed to impact my holiday feelings – my holiday cheer. And, as I have learned more about beliefs, I now understand that somewhere in my memory bank and deeply buried in my belief systems, the happy holidays must have had cold crunchy snow and the less than happy holidays did not have snow. How does it happen that we relate something so mundane as snow to the joy of a holiday season? 

And what do you relate to this holiday season the way I do the sound of snow beneath my feet? 

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