Holiday Hooks – Lights in the Window

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

Another holiday ‘hook’ is the outdoor decorations utilized by cities and individual homeowners. The decorations allowed, the colors of the lights, and the form of the decorations seem to have a great deal of impact on many individuals. When I talk to my friends and I bring up the lights I see in my neighborhood, it always brings up animated discussion. 

And this discussion typically leads back to memories of holiday times and of the lights that we were aware of at a much younger age. For some of my friends, the color of the lights has great significance. For other of my friends the types of decorations seems to have great impact. And for still others, timing of the decorations seems to have great impact. As I said, the discussion is often very animated and typically leads to memories of holidays past – the good, the bad and what appeared to be the unimportant. 

What memories, and with them buried beliefs, do the holiday lights hold for you? 

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