Holiday Memories – Kitchen Magic

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

The smells in my Mom’s kitchen is one of my favorite holiday memories and one that often assails me during the holidays.      

It is amazing how often I think of my Mom when I smell cookies baking or the smell of a turkey just out of the over.

These same smells during different times of the year do not create the same memories or thoughts. These same  kitchen smells do not trigger my thinking the way they do during the holiday season. And, for this reason, when my son was young, I made certain to create the same kitchen magic (as I have come to call it) and he is now re-creating the same kitchen magic during the holidays that he enjoyed as a young boy.

What kitchen magic memories do you connect to the holidays?  And, how do those memories affect your feelings of the holidays and the potential held this time of year?
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2 Responses to “Holiday Memories – Kitchen Magic”

  1. Tim Loomis Says:

    I do Barbara have some wonderful memories of ‘Kitchen Magic’ from this time of year. I come from a large family and when I was young we would spend Christmas with my Grandmother. She would have between 40 and 60 family members show up for her Christmas Dinner that she fixed on this huge 80″ cast iron wood/coal range. The baking of breads, pies and little delicacies that she adored. Not to mention the roasts, turkeys, hams with a varing degrees of suaces and then my absolute favorite… Pickled Pears… My mouth is watering just remembering those glorious ‘Magic Kitchen’ years.

    This year, my siblings, our children and their children are creating Christmas at my Mom’s and since I was a Chef at one point in my life, I am the designated cook… We only have 22 and I sure wish I had GaGa’s cast iron range to be fixing my creations on!!!!

    Create a blessed and magical holiday season and thank you Barbara for sparking those memories… Tim

    • shiftguru Says:

      What an awesome memory and what a beautiful way to keep it alive.
      And only 22???? Such a piker!
      Love you

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