A Month of Change in a Year of Change

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

And so we are beginning a month of change in a year of change.  Change and action toward change seem to be the key descriptors of 2010.  It seems that no mater where I turn and what I read about 2010, change is the key work, the center focus and the most challenging element of the year. 

As is often repeated in our society, change is the only constant we have. And yet, it feels like January 2010 will herald a wave of change the likes of which we can not seem to remember. And, as we can or do not want to remember a previous change time such as is upon us, we also have lost the memory of how best to deal with the change. 

Than leaves it to one of two sources to deal with the change – either ourselves and our own inner guidance or society and its developed guidance.  As many of us are not well versed at listening to or following our own inner guidance, it only seems natural that we will follow, like lemmings tot he sea, the guidance of society during this time of change. 

And I wonder just how productive and positive that guidance – of a system typically based on fear of the unknown (which would be change) = will be directing us.  I, for one, am seriously considering following my own inner, inmate guidance.  

Yes, January and 2010 are going to be most interesting, dynamic, change-laced times.  What guidance are you going to follow? And how will you discern the difference? 

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One Response to “A Month of Change in a Year of Change”

  1. Tim Loomis Says:

    Thank you Barbara, I feel January will set the tone for the whole rest of the year. We can all start by taking responsibility for what is truly in our hearts and stepping up to the plate to express our selves… Goes back to those magical beliefs and it is time to break the mold and move from victim-hood to responsibility for our actions…

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