And the Blessing Continues

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru


May your moments of awe be enlightening; your reception to The All be open; and your willingness to acknowledge be unhindered: 

May your journals be filled with the expansion of your knowing; may you live in alignment with all of who you are; may you love all that you do and do all that you enjoy: 


And how would your life appear to yourself and to others if you lived in the beautiful energy of this blessing in a way that is uniquely your own…without worry about how others perceived you or your living?  Would you do this – without harm or interference in other’s lives (for they too are on their path to completion); would you live your life in this unhindered manner? 

The Shift Guru is focused on assisting individuals in shifting their beliefs about themselves and live so they may enjoy the life they came into this incarnation to enjoy. visit us at http://www.theshiftguru.comto learn more. 

To listen to the most recent ‘Shift Your Belief” podcast, featuring interviews and observations which just may assist you in shifting your life, go to

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