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Shifting Beliefs: You Own Your Life Experience

February 26, 2010

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

 And this awakening, this awareness, (however overwhelming or joyful or intriguing or challenging) is the awareness you needed to take control of your own life.

You can’t take control?  Others have control? You are helpless? 

Only if you declare it so and give away your own creating ability – your own creating power.  And what is the value in that.  The individuals to whom you have given this power have already given their own power away.  In fact, you might even hear them tell you that they wish they did not have to do …….  And you buy it, because you know what it is like to give your power away.  (more…)


Shifting A Belief: You Create Your Life

February 24, 2010

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru
 So you wake up one morning and realize, truly realize, that you create the life you experience.  And after the few expletives that you share with no one in particular, you begin to take stock of what this really means to you. You begin to really take stock of how this will impact your thinking of everything from the friends you hang out with, to the level of tolerance you have for nearly every aspect of your life, to the foods you eat and your willingness to support causes through your lack of interest. (more…)

Shifting A Belief: You Are Your World

February 22, 2010

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

There are days when I find it totally unacceptable to be responsible for my life.  Other days I am willing to be partially responsible for my life.  And then there are the very few days when I am totally and completely willing to take full accountability for my life.

I wonder when we began to think that we truly had a choice.  After all, don’t we have to live it anyway…aren’t we the individuals in our own skin?  (more…)

Identifying a Belief: Living in Your Own Self Worth

February 19, 2010

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

Now that you have come up with at least one reason why you are living on the earth-plane; one reason why you have value, you are ready to begin living in your self-worth. 

And why do I believe it only takes the acceptance of one value proposition? Only one reason?  I believe it takes the acceptance of only one value proposition or reason for once you are willing to accept that you have one reason for being here then you are able to accept more.  And, once you begin to live in alignment with that value proposition (or reason) you will begin to live in alignment with much more….you will begin to accept even more of who you are. (more…)

Shifting a Belief – Identifying Your Self Worth

February 17, 2010

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

And how, you ask, are we to determine our own self-worth? 

The answer is simple.  We are to know that we are each and every one perfect for our earth-based agenda. And, since we are prefect for our agenda, we are perfect.  How is that for delightfully circular logic?  And yet, it is the case, with the only thing that needs to be determined is your ‘agenda’.   (more…)

Shifting Beliefs – The Belief in Your Own Self Worth

February 15, 2010

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

And if I am to take seriously the recommendation to live as an Arch Angel, it occurred to me that I had to believe in my self worth – my own worthiness.  And once again, this is not something that I as a child (or as an adult) have had a great deal of education and training and practice. 

What does it really mean to believe in our own self worth?  And does that look self focused?  Does that cause someone to appear to be self-absorbed and without thought or concern for others?  Or, is it just the opposite, as some of my friends think?  Does it mean that I would end up giving all to everyone else due to the fact that I fully understand my own worth, my own worthiness? 

Ponder, for a moment, what elements of yourself you do not find worthy or trust in the worthiness of.  Think for a moment about the skills and aptitudes and talents you have that you have not fully developed because…. (and there are a myriad of stories and approaches to not developing our talents and aptitudes).  And then consider if perhaps, just perhaps, the lack of development is due, in part, to a lack of self-worth or sense of worth as it relates to that skill, talent, aptitude.  

Or perhaps, as I identified for me, you have not developed that talent or skill or aptitude because it might lead you down some very interesting and less than normal paths in life.  And isn’t being outside of the norm one of our the greatest fears for the vast majority of us? 

Take just a moment and consider how much you truly believe in your own self worth.  And then reflect upon how awesome life will be when you do truly believe in your own self worth. 

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Living as an Arch Angel

February 12, 2010

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

One of the most outrageous recommendations I have received from my Angelic Guides is to live as an Arch Angel.  I remember clearly sitting and wondering what they did not understand about the physical realm.  What did they mean – live as an arch angel?  How would an arch angel live on earth? In fact, what is the job of an Arch Angel?  I know they are the ‘big guys’ of the Angelic Realm and yet I am not certain I know their generic job description, if you will. 

And when I asked the questions, all I heard was silence…defening, roaring silence.  (more…)

Dealing with The Angelic Realm

February 10, 2010

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

Whenever I speak about my Guides, I am referring to the Angelic Realm.  I connect with some very distinctive Guides, which I call by particular names.  And yes, they ask that when I am speaking of them, whether in my writing or in my speaking engagements, that I refer to them as the Angelic Realm.

And I have found it both enjoyable and powerful and frustrating to deal with the Angelic Realm.  I believe I have found it thus because I believe.  I believe in their words and thoughts and direction.  And this, for me, can be very disconcerting for it seems they do not understand or align to some of our cultural norms or tradition (more…)

Developing the ‘Magic Muscle’

February 8, 2010

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

As I stated in an earlier blog post, the ”magic muscle’ is the ability to allow space – between our thoughts, between our breaths, between ourselves.  And this leaving of space is not something that we have been trained to do.  Why ever would we be trained to bring in the magic of life?  What value is there for each and every one of us to develop this beautiful magic muscle? 

The value is in the enhancement of our daily living.  For when we each are able to expand our magical muscle, our magical thinking, our magical creating, we are each also able to live more magically.  (more…)

The Value of Living in The Space

February 5, 2010

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru


And if magic happened every day in our lives because we were creating the space to allow magic in, what would happen to our lives as we know them?  What would happen to ‘difficult’ and ‘hard’ and ‘unfair’?  What would happen to our friends who are not creating the spaces in their lives to allow in the magic?  Would we stay friends?  And, if not, is that reason to not create the spaces in our lives?