The Value of Space

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

I had the opportunity this past weekend of being a part of a silent retreat.  It was only for a weekend so not overtaxing to my extroverted self.  As we began the weekend, it came to my awareness that space is a consideration – something to consider more closely. As the weekend continued I spent time in meditation on the value of space and the awareness we can have when we spend some time contemplating space.  

Have you ever wondered why we have phrases in our consciousness like ‘space is the final frontier’ and ‘give them a little space’? 

I think the reason these phrases and the concepts they engender are in our consciousness so we begin to really understand space. And, as I spent time being with space it became apparent that space is where the physical and the non-physical connect. Space is where the limited knowing of the physical world has a chance, at least for just a moment or more, to connect to the unlimited knowing of the spheres and expand. 

Is that why we leave so little space in our lives?  Are we concerned that we just might understand something differently? 

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