Making Space

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

 So, if space is where the non-physical and the physical meet to create what we know as magic, how does one (how do we) make or, better said, allow the space to be created? How do we move out of our own way, our own fear of not being in control, and allow the space for the magic to be created? 

One answer is to simply allow the space – between our actions; between our thoughts; between our moments – to occur. Said another way – to stop doing and become a being. 

And why do we not naturally allow these spaces to occur?  We do.  We simply have learned to not be natural – we have been conditioned to filling each and every space to the magic does not occur.  Or, if it does occur, it occurs only occasionally.  And then we are totally blown away by the magic…when we could be allowing it to create each and every day. 

And notice, I did not say we could create it.  Nope, I said, we could allow it to be created.
What would happen to your world if you allowed magic to be created automatically – each and every day?  How would you explain such a life to those who thwart the creating of magic? 

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