Dealing with The Angelic Realm

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

Whenever I speak about my Guides, I am referring to the Angelic Realm.  I connect with some very distinctive Guides, which I call by particular names.  And yes, they ask that when I am speaking of them, whether in my writing or in my speaking engagements, that I refer to them as the Angelic Realm.

And I have found it both enjoyable and powerful and frustrating to deal with the Angelic Realm.  I believe I have found it thus because I believe.  I believe in their words and thoughts and direction.  And this, for me, can be very disconcerting for it seems they do not understand or align to some of our cultural norms or traditionAnd when I ask them about this they tell me that they do not align to many of our current cultural norms and traditions and find very little value in them.  Some I have no challenge in adjusting to their recommendations.  This is partly because I am also out of alignment with many of the cultural norms that they do not find valuable.  I find it enjoyable to have ‘permission’ to be different. 

 The one that they seem to challenge me on the most is the shift to living as the creating and powerful being they indicate we are each intended to live.  And let me tell you, from my perspective, there is very little about our cultural norms that support living in our fullness…really support living in our fullness.

 How do you live in your utter and absolute fullness?

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