Shifting a Belief – Identifying Your Self Worth

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

And how, you ask, are we to determine our own self-worth? 

The answer is simple.  We are to know that we are each and every one perfect for our earth-based agenda. And, since we are prefect for our agenda, we are perfect.  How is that for delightfully circular logic?  And yet, it is the case, with the only thing that needs to be determined is your ‘agenda’.  

So, what might your agenda for this earth-based life be?  What might you, as a soul, be spending time on this delightful plant to experience, to enjoy, to create?  These are the questions to ask yourself as you seek to discover your agenda and, with that discovery, move into an understanding of your own self-worth. 

For, self worth, like other elements of self, follow the agenda for your life. Or, said another way, your own value proposition for this time on the earth plane.  What is your value proposition?  What value do you bring to your living?  Why are you here? 

And with the answers to these questions, and the several and many other questions they bring forth, you are able to determine your value and with that determining, your self-worth.  And, please, do not tell me (or yourself or anyone else) that you have no worth…that is simply silly! 

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