Identifying a Belief: Living in Your Own Self Worth

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

Now that you have come up with at least one reason why you are living on the earth-plane; one reason why you have value, you are ready to begin living in your self-worth. 

And why do I believe it only takes the acceptance of one value proposition? Only one reason?  I believe it takes the acceptance of only one value proposition or reason for once you are willing to accept that you have one reason for being here then you are able to accept more.  And, once you begin to live in alignment with that value proposition (or reason) you will begin to live in alignment with much more….you will begin to accept even more of who you are. 

With this acceptance, this growing acceptance of who you are and why you are on the earth-plane, you then begin, little by little, to accept your worth – your self-worth.  With each willingness to accept any level of your own self-worth, you open the door to accept more and more – because accepting your own self-worth feels good. 

And you do not have to tell others you are accepting it in…you simply allow the accepting and pretty soon they will simply see (watch) you living in alignment with the greater you and they just might follow your lead.  Imagine that, you begin to accept yourself and it allows others to accept themselves as well. What a deal! 

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