Shifting A Belief: You Create Your Life

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru
 So you wake up one morning and realize, truly realize, that you create the life you experience.  And after the few expletives that you share with no one in particular, you begin to take stock of what this really means to you. You begin to really take stock of how this will impact your thinking of everything from the friends you hang out with, to the level of tolerance you have for nearly every aspect of your life, to the foods you eat and your willingness to support causes through your lack of interest.

You begin to truly consider all that is in your world and to wonder at all that you have not taken into account – all that you have simply overlooked; because it was easy to do; because it was someone else problem; because you were to busy not taking accountability for your life.
And you begin to understand how every decision, every intention, every perception, every action you take creates…your…life.
And once you have begun to understand it becomes utterly overwhelming.  And you begin to implode.  Or at least, from my point of  view and the point of view of everyone around you it looks like implosion.
How does it feel?  How does this overwhelming responsibility to yourself feel?


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