Shifting Your Beliefs in Alignment

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru


What would it look like to create our belief shifts in alignment with the natural knowing of Mother Earth?  Where might we obtain that type of information – especially during this time of immense change?  And how might we deal with the information of change and shift without generating fear and loathing for such changes…changes that we do not understand and often feel like we can not control?

Interestingly enough, the answers to these questions are very simple and yet so often overlooked.  The answer is to trust your innate knowing, your inner wisdom, your intuition.  All of those parts of ourselves which our current society holds in such low esteem.  That is all we have to do.  Connect with, trust, and act upon our own inner knowing. 

We are have built-in connection devices.  These connection devices are connected to the Angelic Realm and to Mother Earth and to all of the knowing in The Universe.  And yet, we have given away this connection, this awareness, for the pseudo safety of society.  

 How silly are we?  How silly to think that we must operate from one stand point or the other rather than finding a balance, a co-joining of these two powerful forces.  

And, you might ask, what is the first step to take to create this co-joining?  The first step to take is to acknowledge that you have a connection to The All and a knowing which emanates from that connection.  Take your first step and begin to bring yourself into alignment with the forces at play.  Bring yourself into alignment…that is the first step. 

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