Preparing for The Great Transition

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru


How does one prepare for a twelve or sixteen year transition?  How do we go about knowing what is correct and what is not correct to do, to align with, and to follow? 
These are the questions I put forth to my Team of Guides and Angels.  And they had a great deal to say.  I quickly understood that this is not a simple process.  There is much to do and a great deal of preparation to be completed on the part of each soul in a physical body.  With this awareness, I asked for some specifics as to the actions to be taken, the shifts of perspective that would be well served to create, and the order in which all of this is recommended.

And the discussions began; the bantering and the revealing came forth. and my hand quickly got writers cramp.  How could there be so much to do and yet we all seemed to simply be watching a Hollywood movie and wringing our hands over the outcome which is about to occur.  I know that this last sentence is  a serious misnomer of what many are doing, however I do not (nor does the Angelic REalm) think it is a misstatement for the masses. 
What was shared is a twelve steps process (I thought that was very fitting) to prepare for The Great Transition.  In Friday’s post, I will provide an overview of the twelve steps.  Posts over the following weeks will provide more information on each step and actions to take to best prepare.  The time is upon us and the preparation is our responsibility. 

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