Preparing for The Great Transition – The 12 Steps

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

Much has been written about all that will be happening as we transcend into the new paradigm heralded by 2012 and little has been written about how best to prepare for this new living, this new earth as some have called it.As I was pondering this, I connected with the Angelic Realm and asked their opinion of what best to do to prepare for this changing time.  The answers are the following twelve steps.  Each of these steps has a number of actions associated and each is a part of the grand flow of preparing for 2012 and beyond. The verbiage for each of these steps is not new and the actions are what are required.
1. Increase Your Frequency
a. Prepare to release fear and embrace compassion (Inca prophesy);2. Return to Alignment with Self
a. Prepare to enter a period of Purification (Hopi tradition);3. Open Your Connection with The Divine/The All
a. Prepare to improve your communication with the Angelic Realm and The All (modern day Maya belief);

4. Listen Up
a. Prepare to perceive the communication and accept it as your divine right and power (modern day Maya belief);

5. Discover Your Soul Team
a. Prepare to envision a coming together of your team and all teams (Quero Apache tradition);

6. Connect to Your Agenda
a. Prepare to imagine the blossoming of a new earth, springing forth with the power of the agenda’s present and being   lived (Seneca tradition);

Continued on March 29th.

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