Preparing for The Great Transition – 12 Steps Continued

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

And to continue with the remainder of the 12 Steps:
7. Discover and Shift Non-supportive Beliefs
a. Prepare to allow your transforming and become a member of the enlightened human race (Ancient Aztec tradition);8. Forsake Greed and Malice  
a. Prepare to support the shift of beliefs as the world turns up side down and inside out, as it evolves into its  entirety (‘and the meek shall inherit the earth’ from The Bible);9. Be the Creating Element
a. Prepare to embrace the world of the invisible as the veils become even more sheer and eventually disappear all  together (Maori tradition);

10. Live in the Integrity of Your Soul
a. Prepare to meet yourself over and over again (Inca tradition);

11. Move into Enlightenment
a. Prepare to live in the light of the much heralded ‘Golden Age’ (prophecy of Buddha);

12. Create and Live in Joy –
a. Prepare to step forth and live as the creating agent you are (much promised Aquarian Age) .

Each of these steps will be expanded upon in future articles;
Each has been foretold in many manners and traditions;
Each is innately known to your Soul Self;
Each is within your reach.

When all has been revealed, pondered, meditated upon, and followed in your daily living, then you will be prepared to optimize and align your transition with Mother Earth’s Great Transition.  Prepare now, for the time is upon you. 

Each of these steps deserves explanation and that will follow in future posts.  Which of the 12 Steps do you preceive will be most challenging to you?  And why?

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