Preparing for The Great Transition – Step 1

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

As we consider how best to prepare for The Great Transition, it seems the first step is an internal step.  This step is to raise your vibrational frequency.  Books have been written about the impact of vibrational frequency upon the daily living of an individual and a society. 
The higher the frequency, the more likely the individual will evolve.  If several individuals within a society have raised their vibration, the society’s vibration is raised as well from the impact of one individual with a higher frequency is said to impact the whole of the group far more than a linear calculation would anticipate.On the frequency range, fear and guilt and anger are very low vibrations.  Love and joy and compassion are very high vibrations. 
All other emotions and or thought energies seem to lie somewhere between.  Thus, the challenge is to release fear and guilt and anger and replace those emotions with love and joy and compassion.  And this shift is truly an inside job. 

In the Inca prophesies surrounding 2012 and The Great Transition, it is said that the greatest struggle will be an internal struggle.  And the internal struggle will be one of self mastery and of shifting beliefs and perceptions.  It is this shifting of beliefs and perceptions which will allow for the shifting of the Universal frequencies. 

 When one individual intentionally makes a shift, they naturally raise the frequency of everyone with whom they come in contact.

What will it take for you to consider shifting your freuqency?

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