Preparing for The Great Transition – Step 3

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru


Once you have raised your vibrational frequency and returned to alignment with your true self, your soul self, you are ready to move onto the third step – opening and enhancing your communication with The Divine/The All. 

This step, as compared to the earlier two, is typically a much easier step.  The only difficult element of this step, if there is a difficult element, is opening to the communication and then trusting the communication.  Our society has held the belief, for  many centuries, that we, humanity, are not worthy of direct communication with The Divine/The All. This belief, held deeply in the social consciousness is impacting you whether you perceive it or not – whether you connect directly or not. This belief either does not allow you to perceive the connection or it does not allow you to honor and trust the connection, the information provided to you. 

Opening and allowing your connection to The Divine/The All begins with an appreciation of this information pertaining to your beliefs.  Begin by considering the age-old belief about worthiness and ability to connect directly.  Consider and honor this belief, for it had great value during a time in the history of humanity.  This value is no longer pertinent as humanity moves through The Great Transition. The challenge the ‘Church’ has been receiving over the past decade is part of the process of changing this belief.  By establishing reasons why you might not trust what you have heard and what is in the social consciousness, you begin to loosen the belief.  This has been occurring for over a decade now.  This preparation for inviting you to connect directly has been in ‘the works’ for many years. 

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