Preparing for The Great Transition – Step 5

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru


By now you have raised your frequency, re-aligned to your higher self, opened and begun to trust your communication with The Divine/The All.  The fifth step naturally follows these first four steps as you are now prepared to discover and connect to your Soul Team. 

In the tradition of the Quero Apache (as I understand it) this is the time of the Great Interaction. This is the time for following the ancient path as it is the most secure route to follow. And this is the time of awakening to remembrance – of your soul’s agenda, your Soul Team, and of yourself.  This is a time for great connection through the beauty of energy, the sharing of light, and the joint exploration of joy. This is a connection of the real to the unreal and of the light to the ‘light-minded’. 

In this connection, you discover your Soul Team.  Your Soul Team is a group of other souls who are not incarnate at this time.  As a Team, you are on task for the agenda you as a group has agreed to accomplish.  And you, the member in the physical, are responsible for creating in the physical.  You are a member in the non-physical and you are the member in the physical.  You sit on the Team as a soul at the soul level and are the member who achieves the physical evolution for the Team. 

This is a very heady responsibility.  For, should you deny your position and your ability to create, you not only arrest your own soul’s evolution, you impact the evolution of eight to ten other souls. (A numeric has been applied for purposes of visualization and integration of this information.) 

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