The Great Transition – Step 5 Continued

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru


To discover your Soul Team, it is imperative that you be in alignment and Listening Up.  With these two aspects of connection, you are able to grasp your agenda for this earth-based iteration and begin to understand and appreciate the support you are receiving from the non-physical Soul Team members.  

Consider your agenda as you understand it now.  Consider all of the attributes of self you would have to embody for any level of success in accomplishing your agenda.  Then consider the value of having a Soul Team whose members can embody many of the attributes allowing you to embody those most critical to creating in the physical.  Now, begin to discover your Soul Team. 

In the discovery of your Soul Team, you also discover a number of other aspects of living in the physical with a soul agenda.  First, as a soul member of the Soul Team, you are a card-carrying voting power on the Team.  The Team makes decision in a consensual manner. And you have a vote, in fact a veto, for any actions or attitudes the Team decides most appropriate.  This means, you (in the physical) are not being dictated to…rather you are a major player in the decision process. 

Secondly, it also means that you can call upon the skills and attributes of the other Soul Team members as you go about creating in alignment with your agenda.  Being in alignment (Step 2) and your Listening Up (Step 4) capabilities in place, you are able to connect to and create in conjunction with your Soul Team. 

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