The Great Transition – Step 5 Continued

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru


With this information, the Angelic Realm and The Divine/The All ask that you begin to determine the skills and attributes of the members of your Soul Team.  

They ask that you begin to understand how best to live the agenda you came to earth to experience with the assistance of this Soul Team.  

They ask that you begin to utilize this Team which, for the most of you, have stood by helplessly while you have not even considered their existence or their ability to support you. 

And, with this beginning, The Divine/The All asks that you make the Soul Team members as real as possible.  Give them names and assign them attributes or skills that you feel you are missing as it relates to the living of your soul’s agenda.  By making the Team real, you more easily call upon and utilize their talents (even if they are in the non-physical) for you are now in alignment with yourself (part of which is in the non-physical).  

Align with your Soul Team – Live Your Agenda – Live the Great Interaction 

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