The Great Transition – Step 6 – Connect to Your Agenda

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

The sixth step in preparing for The Great Transition deals with connecting to and aligning with your personal soul agenda.  Each human on earth, and possibly each energy element on earth, has an agenda for being on the earth plane at this time in history.  Every earth iteration that a soul (that would be you) embarks upon has an agenda, an agenda that has been agreed to with the Supreme Being in the non-physical, however you may choose to call that being (for the purpose of this writing, It will be called The Divine/The All). The sixth step of preparation is about accepting you have an agenda for your earth life; that you have agreed to that agenda (you are not a victim); and that the agenda was designed so you would connect to and live the agenda during this time of great transition. 

And, as the current culture has not prepared any member to connect to their cosmic or higher agenda, it is time to do so. The agenda of The Great Transition is the agenda which, when acknowledged and aligned with, will allow each individual to prepare for and be a participant in this changing time. It is the feminine within you which is most able to connect to your agenda, for it is the feminine within us each that can most easily reach into the non-physical and connect to intuition and non-physical knowing.

Have you connected to your agenda?  If not, begin the process.

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