The Great Transition – Connect to Your Agenda continued

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

In the great Seneca tradition, it is said that a female will bring about the learning and the leadership necessary for survival during The Great Transition.  It is the feminine in you which, when allowed to connect to the intuition and deeper knowing, will be able to discover your agenda for this time of great change.And how, you might ask, is one to connect to their feminine, whether male or female, when the current culture is so male focused – so doing and achieving focused? The best manner in which to connect to your feminine is to connect to your own divinity – your own divine self.  For within this divine self is a more feminine energy than that which is being lived on the earth plane at this time.

Connect to your divine self, your feminine self, your intuitive self (however you choose to name it) and then begin to perceive your agenda for this time on earth. Begin to perceive your agenda – your reason for being on earth during this time of great transition.  For you chose to be here, you have a purpose here, and you are intended to be active during this time.  Your soul and your Soul Team are all in alignment with the agenda agreed upon by you and The Divine/The All.  And the most easy route to physically connect to your agenda, to connect to why you are here at this time, and what your responsibilities and opportunities are during this time, is to connect to your divine feminine.

What would your life be like if you were connected to all of you – feminie, masculine, soul?

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