The Great Transition – Connect to Your Agenda Continued

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru

In an earth culture which so clearly distinguishes male from female, it is valuable for both men and women alike to remember that female is not a sex in the terms of this information.  Rather, female is an element of self…a distinct element of self which directs and support certain of your life awarenesses and choices.  For both men and women, connecting to your divine feminine does not mean to become feminine.  It means to expand into all elements of your true self – both male and female.  And, as the current culture most supports the male aspects of self (whether female or male) this expansion is necessary for women as well as men.And in the connecting to your divine feminine, your intuition, you also connect to the peace maker within yourself.  And, in this connection you will require of yourself and others around you to cease grievances, to speak responsibility and to live the truth.  For during this time of transition, all of these elements are harbingers of lack and negativity. During this time all are to be erased from the human experience as is greed and malice. 

Strive to connect to your innate knowing, your intuition.  Find this intuition through your divine feminine (which is in every human individual).  Once you have found and connected, inquire as to your agenda for this time in your soul’s evolution, this earth iteration.  Then move into that agenda, aligned with The Divine/The All and with The Great Transition.  And know that through this alignment you are able to maintain those learnings you have acquired from the earlier steps and to move more easily into the future steps. 

Are you ready for Step 7

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