The Great Transition – Step 7 – Discover/Shift Non-Supportive Beliefs

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru


And with the completion of the Sixth step in this process of preparing for The Great Transition, you have begun to embrace all of you – all of your potential and your possibilities.  As you have embraced your deep sense of knowing and have begun to understand your connection and interconnection with The Divine/The All, you are preparing to discover and shift, potentially even release, those limiting or non-supportive beliefs allowing you to move further into your preparation.
With the shifting and redefining of your limiting  beliefs, you allow yourself to move from the norm of current society – a norm which it typically mired in competition, greed, and vanity; a norm which speaks to individualism rather than group; a norm which focuses on duality rather than relationship.  In this moving from the norm, you begin to align yourself with a different group of energies.  

And yes, it is the energy change created by a belief shift that causes your shift in perspective and awareness and knowing.  This energy shift, which is most easily accomplished through a shift in belief about life and your agenda in this life, is the shift which supports your evolution into and through The Great Transition. For this energy shift, this shift in perspective and knowing, is what is required to be in alignment with the overall transition. 

To accomplish this shift you must discover and shift your non-supportive beliefs…beliefs which do not support your agenda. your Soul Team connection, and your emerging self.  These are beliefs which do not support win-win-win scenarios and the Dance of Relationship.  These are the beliefs which do not support you being all you can be and, while you may perceive they are protecting you from others, are actually limiting you and keeping you from yourself.  

As you read this, what of your habits and perspectives create limitations on you? What of your actions which you created to protect you are actually limiting you?

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