The Great Transition – Shift Non-Supportive Beliefs

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru


As with The Great Transition, this step is not something you will most likely accomplish over a short period of time.  Luckily, The Great Transition is occurring over a rather elongated period.  The time is now to begin to shift your non-supportive beliefs. Begin by asking yourself questions.  Begin by noting what does not feel ‘in alignment’ as you have already accomplished a great number of shifts if you have seriously taken action on the six previous steps. 

Simply by raising your frequency, beliefs you have held at a lower frequency become questionable. (Step 1) 

Simply by re-aligning yourself to yourself you will become aware of beliefs which no longer feel as if they are supporting you.  (Step 2) 

Simply by opening your connection with The Divine/The All, many of your perspectives or beliefs about yourself and your life will begin to be less comfortable to accept and support.  (Step 3) 

Simply be listening to the information you are receiving from The Divine/ The All and your cosmic team, you will have beliefs and perceptions challenged. (Step 4) 

Simply by discovering and accepting your Soul Team, beliefs you have held will feel and become archaic – shift them.  (Step 5) 

And finally through an awareness and connection to your personal earth-based agenda, you will most likely begin to wonder about some of your beliefs.  Trust your ‘wondering’ and consider the shift most appropriate for those beliefs. (Step 6).
Allow the shifts to occur easily and naturally.  Step further into alignment with The Great Transition. 

And now, on to Step 8 in preparing for The Great Transition.


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