The Great Transition – Step 8 – Forsake Greed and Malice

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru


The eighth step in The Great Transition is one of forsaking greed and malice.  For many individuals, this is an oft heard refrain.  This step of forsaking greed and malice is a part of the process involved in raising a vibration; in shifting and reshaping limiting beliefs; and in preparing for the veil to become thinner and thinner.  And yet, it is the eighth step in the process.  This is due, quite simply, to the fact that in the current culture this is an almost impossible step until the earlier steps have been accomplished.
As you are reading and beginning to incorporate the steps to prepare for The Great Transition, it is valuable to take them in the order they have been presented.  For to take them in any other order is a more challenging preparation.  The process and the formulation of the step sequence are deliberate and designed for optimum results. 

To ‘forsake greed and malice’ you must have shifted many of your beliefs;  have adjusted your alignment to the societal norms; and have understood fully your purpose and connection with The Divine/The All.  Once you have accomplished these, you begin to understand the limitations of greed and malice; the manner in which greed and malice is out of alignment with that which your soul desires; and therefore, the great amount of karma and reparation necessary in future iterations. 

What beliefs are you willing to shift to allow this significant change to occur in your life?

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  1. Sri Gawn Tu Fahr Says:

    My Facebook friends have described me as Rumi on a rocket, Eckhart Tolle out of control, Einstein looped on wine, Dr. Seuss tanked on juice, Ghandi with the Wind, Chris Rock running amok and Deepak out of Whack.

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