The Great Transition – Forsake Greed & Malice Continues

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru


With that said, it is valuable to speak about karma for a moment.  Karma is simply a matter of energy exchange.  Karma is not an eye for an eye process in the manner interpreted by the many.  Rather, karma is the balancing of energy. And the balancing of energy can be accomplished in many different manners and through many different channels.
Greed and malice cause your soul to desire a significant balancing.  No one demands this of you except for you. And, when you are ready, you will appreciate the value of and beauty of releasing greed and malice for both create not only the need for balance; they also create a great deal of energy drain and limitation in your current life. In fact, greed and malice have very little value in your current life and create significant ramifications in future iterations. 

Let’s define these two attributes and energies.  Greed is the energy of never having enough.  Greed is the energy of always worrying that you will not get enough of the goodies.  And, with this worry, you attempt to gather all of the goodies for yourself rather than trusting The Divine/The All to provide you with all of the goodies you could ever want and more.  And, as the three-year old child who, after gathering up all of the toys from the other children, is unable to play with any due to the need to protect his ‘cache of toys’ you, too, are unable to enjoy the fruits of your labor and gathering.  In this way, greed limits and hinders your own living. 

Malice is a thought process based upon the fear that you might not have all of the toys and are angry because someone else might get more.  Malice is based upon a lack of self-worth and a lack of trust in your own ability to create and be supported by The Divine/The All.  To this end, malice, when not attended to and released, becomes a way of living outside of the energy of The Universe, the support of The Divine/The All, and your own Soul Team.  Malice is based upon the assumption that only you can provide for you and only you are able to protect you.  What a lonely world to create.  When you release malice, you are able to release a great deal of pent-up energy and anger at your own inability to provide for yourself.  

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