The Great Transition – Become a Creating Element

Barbara Joye - The Shift Guru
Barbara Joye – The Shift Guru


Step 9- Become a Creating Element continued:
In the ancient Maori culture, a culture which is still alive and well in New Zealand and other parts of the Asia Pacific island cultures, The Great Transition is a time of the thinning of the veil between the physical and the non-physical.  By ancient traditions, the time of The Great Transition is a time of unifying the Earth (‘Papa’) and the Sky (‘Rangi’).  In this great legend, these two powerful elements were pushed apart by their ‘children’, the Gods of Wind, of Sea, of War, etc.  As the legend goes, when the children of these Gods (humanity) is busy with greed and artifice and have lost the connection with the earth (‘Papa’) and sky (‘Rangi’), then they (Sky and Earth) will return to each other or merge.  This merging has been predicted as the end of time, much like the December 2012 date has been predicted from the Mayan long count calendar. The Maori statement for this is: “Ka hinga te aria” which means in current Maori ‘the curtain will fall’. 

However, as one begins to explore further into the great legend and the exact wording in ancient Maori, the phrase means something quite different.  As with many languages around the world, the same phrase in the old way of using and interpreting the means something very different.  According to a ‘Kaumatua’, an ‘old school Maori elder’, the phrase means ‘to remove the barrier or separation of the worlds;.  Specifically, ‘hinga’ means to dissolve or to be removed or to fade and ‘aria’ means veil or thin separation.  

Through this interpretation, it appears The Great Transition, as predicted by Maori legend, speaks to the removal or dissolving of the planes or separators between the physical and the non-physical world.  When this occurs, those who are in the physical world and who have come in as souls to be the creating element will necessarily be called upon to be the creators through The Great Transition and of the next world.
 With all there is at stake, what is stopping you from being the creating element you are intended to be? 

Step 9 to be continued….

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